8 Ink pad and more Tower

<p>This was my rethinking a simple 5 ink pad with ink tray idea from Pinterest that was completely written in German and I had to figure completely out myself. But I wasn’t satisfied with just that I wanted to hold as many ink pads as I could without making an unstable structure. I wanted 10 but could only stabilize 8. I also wanted something which would hold any coordinating markers. So this is what I came up with. <br>First of all you need to cut out and score 8 of template I. Out of sturdy card stock. The with a strong adhesive stick each individual tabs to make a box in alphabetically order. Then glue them together stacked. <br>

Then cut out and score one of template II. I chose the card stock in the colour for the outside as I didn’t want to have to add to it too much. Glue tabs and fold edges to the inside to form a tray. Then glue to tower top.<br>

When all adhesives are completely dry then put ink pads in their slots from the bottom up. This will hold the slots in shape throughout the construction process. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard 4 ½” x 3 ¾” ,with finger notch cut out, and glue to bottom. Then reinforce with a 12″ x 4 ½” sheet of card stock centred with the bottom and glued on. Then score the paper on both sides and glue to the sides. If you don’t have matching 12″ card stock you can try 11″ card stock x 4 ½”.<br>

Next it’s time to construct the marker holders. Cut and score 8 of template III. Fold scores and stick long tab to opposite side to make a ¾” square tube. Then fold end tabs in and glue them together. When you are sure they have a good grip on themselves cut another 12 x 4 ½” sheet of card stock and score at 4″ of the 12″ and fold and stick 4 x 4 ½” section to right side of the tower with long side running to the right on table. <br>

Next cut and glue snug to bottom a piece of ¾”x 4 ½” cardboard like the other bottom cardboard. Glue each of the 8 pen slots to the bottom and side of the right hand side of the tower on top of the cardboard working your way up as you go. Then when completely dry score side paper which is already attached lying across table to side of pen slots. <br>

There you have the basic construction. Decorate to your hearts desire just measure and cut to size any pretty card stock and if you wish DSP. I strongly recommend a piece of card stock for the bottom. Enjoy:)</p>



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